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Memorial Monuments in Harrisonburg VA

With a wide array of options to choose from, it's possible to fully customize any memorial monument displays, funeral markers, or mausoleums for your loved ones. At W.A. Hartman Memorials, we strive to help you capture the personality of your departed in a way that speaks to you. These monuments can be as grand or as subtle as you like. From memorial benches to upright monuments, we'll create a fitting remembrance for your deceased family member and provide a place for you and others to go and spend time honoring his or her life.
Angel Cemetery Marker | W.A. Hartman Memorials in Harrsonburg VA
All of our memorials are made from durable, high-quality bronze, granite, or marble. You choose the material you like best and then select the color, size, shape, and embellishments you prefer. The end result is a grave marker or memorial monument that will help you share your loved one's memory with all those who pass by her resting place.

In addition to gravestones and memorial markers, W.A. Monuments is pleased to offer our services to businesses looking for lasting, classic signage. Our commercial signs are made of the same quality materials our clients have come to expect from our monuments and are available in the same materials and colors. Visit or call us for more information.