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Memorials in Harrisonburg VA

At W.A. Hartman Memorials, we understand that you want to honor your lost loved ones with a memorial as unique and exceptional as they were. That's why we provide personalized memorial services that can be tailored to the needs of you and your family during this difficult time. We'll help you celebrate the deceased's life in the same style they lived it.
Tombstone and flowers | W.A. Hartman Memorials in Harrsonburg VA
Tombstone monument | W.A. Hartman Memorials in Harrsonburg VA
Granite Tombstone with flowers | W.A. Hartman Memorials in Harrsonburg VA
Though we're located in Harrisonburg, VA, we serve clients all across the nation. Having been in business since 1934, we've earned a reputation for providing high-quality granite, marble, and bronze memorial monuments and grave markers. We're proud of this reputation, and we're deeply honored that so many families choose our products to commemorate and remember the people who have meant so much to them. Our craftsmanship has garnered so much attention that we have expanded our offerings and now create business signage as well as memorial plaques and markers.
Our service doesn't stop with simply creating a memorial for your loved one. We'll also help you maintain it, doing repair work as requested to make sure your tribute to your beloved family member stays in an excellent condition you can be proud of. We also provide flower vases to help you show your continued love and remembrance as well as pet monuments since we understand that some of your lost may have been beloved animal companions.
If you're grieving a loss and unsure how best to lay your loved one to rest, contact W.A. Hartman Memorials today. We'll help you create a memorial that will honor and represent them now and for many years to come.